Thursday 4th January - Meeting friends old and new plus Bingo!
Thursday 1st February - Active recovery (based at Pride Park) helping you recover after Treatment

Thursday 1st March - Due to the bad weather, unfortunately this meeting is cancelled.
Thursday 5th April - Alicia Vernon - Derby Adult Learning 'Wellbeing' programme

Thursday 3rd May  - Wine & Cheese Night
Support Groups 29th Birthday plus Mr Alaa Talaat - Consultant Breast Surgeon - Derby/Burton Breast Unit

Thursday 7th June  - Adrian Perkins - 'Building Sand Dams'

Thursday 5th July  Happy Holiday!
 No Group meeting this month

No Group meeting at the Riverside, but a get together at a venue to be decided

Thursday 2nd August  - Gusto

Thursday 6th September - Laura O'Brien - Body Shop at Home

Thursday 4th October - Jo Golby - The Time Travelling Tourist

Thursday 1st November - Miss Courtney from the Royal Derby Hospital Breast Unit plus AGM

29th November 2018 - Pre Christmas Party at the Riverside (date to be confirmed later) and Make your own Table Decoration with Sarah


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