Daughter bids to raise £2k to honour mum's cancer battle

June 11 2011

A FUND-RAISER is appealing to businesses to help with of a string of events to aid a charity close to her heart.

Amanda Reeve, of Kyle Road, Hilton, hopes to raise £2,000 for the Derby Breast Cancer Support Group by March next year.

Her mother Helen Thornton beat breast cancer 19 years ago.

Amanda said: "I've grown up with this support group. It's not just there for sufferers but for friends and family.

"It helps improve hospital services and provides equipment."

Helen, who is co-chairwoman of the group, said: "When you have cancer, you automatically think it is a death sentence.

"You need to see people who have lived through it, who are active and look remarkably well, and then you know you can beat it.

"You have to be positive and make the most of every day.

"I'm chuffed to bits at the effort Amanda is putting into this."

The climax of Amanda's fund-raising campaign will be a Black Tie evening at Bar Lisi, in Derby, in March 2012. The evening will mark Amanda's 30th birthday, and 19 years since her mum was free from cancer.

Amanda said: "We're having a casino, a singer, and hopefully a band. People will be able to buy chips to use in the casino, and whoever has the most at the end of the night will win a prize.

"It would be great if businesses could offer raffle prizes or services, such as entertainment.

"There will be about 130 people there. It'll be a chance for the women to put their party dresses on and the blokes to look dapper in their suits."

Tickets to the event will cost £5.

She added: "Before then, we've got lots of things cracking off. The Black Tie party is the crescendo of it all.

"We're putting on a stall at Hilton Street Party, a charity gig, a Pink Party, where a beauty therapist will come along to pamper guests, and lots more.

"I absolutely love putting on these events. I can't work at the moment as I'm waiting for an operation after the birth of my daughter Georgia. So I generally spend all of my time thinking up new fund-raising ideas and harassing my friends with them.

"I've always taken part in fund-raising.

" I've done netball tournaments, and the Race For Life. But this time I wanted to make a substantial donation."

Helen said: "This is such a good cause because breast cancer sufferers are getting younger.

" Hopefully, as drugs get better, we will live longer.

"If it were not for the fund-raising efforts of people like Amanda, a lot of us would not be here today."

To offer a raffle prize or service, call 07896 981272, or for details of any of the events, visit Amanda's Facebook page, Reevey's Charity Race for £2,000.

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