Breast self examination is a simple technique to learn and takes only about ten minutes. Choose a day each month that will be easy for you to remember, such as the first or last day of the month.

It’s best to use the fingertips of your three middle fingers to examine your breast. Always use your left hands for your right breast and vice versa. Use both a circular motion and a vertical (up and down) motion to examine your breasts.

Check for any lumps, hard knots, swelling, dimpling or thickening. Also observe for abnormal change in size, shape, colour or discharge.

In Front of a Mirror

1. Visually check both breasts with your arms at your sides.

2. Slowly raise your arms, whilst paying close attention for any swelling or change in your breasts or nipples.

3. With hands on hips, lean slightly forward and flex your chest muscles, again checking for any changes

In the Shower

4. Extend your right arm upward and examine your right breast.

5. Extend your left arm upwards and examine your left breast.

Lying Down

6. Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right arm behind your head, then examine your right breast and armpit.

7. Place a pillow under your left shoulder. Put your left arm behind your head, then examine your left breast and left armpit.

Follow this routine monthly, so you become familiar with the normal feel and appearance of your breasts and make breast examination a regular part of your good health routine.

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